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Argus Apparel is a name synonymous with quality manufacturing. We assist businesses of all sizes in achieving their dream of becoming the finest clothing brands. Let us help you create unique, high-quality garments that perfectly bespoke your style.

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Clothing Manufacturer for Small Business to Large Enterprises

We know businesses of all sizes struggle with clothing manufacturing, so as a trusted USA clothing manufacturer, we’re here to help. Our affordable, high-quality services are made just for you. With us, you’re in charge of every step to make sure your desired clothing ideas come out the way you want.

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We offer

Simplify Every Type of Clothing Manufacturing in USA

We are your friendly private-label clothing manufacturers in the USA. We offer a wide range of services, including custom baby clothing, neck gaiters, sweatshirts, swimwear, jeans, leather premium cut, sewing, etc. Our talented apparel manufacturers are committed to helping businesses thrive in global markets by providing a smooth manufacturing process.

We offer

One-Stop Custom Apparel Manufacturer Service

We, as a full-service clothing manufacturer, cover all your needs from design to shipping, ensuring seamless production without any trouble.
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What Services Does Argus Apparel Offer as Renowned High-Quality Clothing Manufacturers?

At Argus Apparel, we excel as a leading custom clothing manufacturer specializing in excellent clothing manufacturing. Our services also include custom apparel packaging bags, custom embroidery services, screen printing services, sublimation Printing services, and more.

As an esteemed custom fitness apparel manufacturer, we help you expand your product line, reduce manufacturing expenses, improve production efficiency, and concentrate on marketing and branding your products effectively.


Let Us Be Your Clothing Manufacturer

Be ready to boost your fashion-line startup or corporate business. Choose us as your clothing manufacturer in the USA. Whether you need a clothing manufacturer in small quantity or bulk, we'll serve you with the finest quality clothes. Let's make your vision real. Start now and make your small business a big brand.
Bringing Innovation

We offer

Reliable and Expert Good Clothing Manufacturer

Experience the reliability and expertise of our professional women’s apparel manufacturer. We’re more than just producers; we’re your full-service creative partner in launching successful collections.

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What Makes Us Different from Other Clothing Manufacturers in the USA

At Argus Apparel, we’re all about quality. We make sure every item meets top standards, and if there’s an issue, we’ve got your back with easy returns. Plus, our team is here 24/7 to help you out. What really sets us apart?

With complete creative control, you can perfectly modify every detail of your designs. Experience the difference with Argus, your premier clothing manufacturer.


First-Class Clothing Manufacturers with a Track of Working with Global Clients

Argus Apparel is your trusted custom clothing manufacturer with a sound record of collaborating with clients worldwide for over a decade. So, whether you’re in New York, California, or Texas, we make it easy for you to start your fashion brand from scratch.

Our full-service clothing manufacturing solution has helped numerous start-ups and brands across the United States, delivering top-quality custom clothing. All you need to do is convey your requirements, and we will handle everything from the initial idea to the final creation!

Best Custom Apparel
Manufacturer with a low MOQ

As the first-class custom apparel manufacturer in the USA, Argus Apparel stands out with its industry-leading Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), starting from just 50 pieces per design. Tailored for small businesses and startups, our manufacturing ensures competitive pricing with a global supply chain.

With our flexible MOQ, we empower you to establish your brand without compromising
your budget. Partner with us to create custom apparel that perfectly shows your brand’s essence and sets you apart from your competitors.

Feel the Difference with Easy Clothing Manufacturer Processing

Simplifying the custom clothing manufacturing process is what we do at Argus Apparel. We guide you through every step, from the initial idea to the final product. Our process includes digital design viewing, custom pattern development, and fabric sourcing. With prototypes and sampling, refine designs before bulk production.

Also, every piece of clothing gets carefully checked to make sure it’s top quality and doesn’t have any defects. So, count on us to make your clothing manufacturing experience easy and efficient, bringing you results that match the idea in your mind.

Partner with a US Clothing Manufacturer Who Gets You

Team up with Argus Apparel, your reliable custom clothing manufacturer in the USA that knows how to make your small business succeed. We’re here to support your fashion
journey and make your brand grow.

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